Why Old PC can run HD Video but not HD Games 2020? How To Fix Game Lag

Have you ever notice that A Low-End PC can run HD Videos but why HD Games won’t run? Why we can’t able to play High-Resolution Video Game and Latest Title game? Both of them are graphics. Both of them are running on HD. Question is Why Old PC can run HD Video but not HD games? We’ll be discussing, How Video Game can be created and how it runs.

Why Old PC can run HD Video but not HD games?


Let’s talk about Low-End PC. It means which is Old PC. Suppose, you’re at 2020 but your PC is released on 2004 A.D or 2005 A.D. They’re called Low-End PC. They’re outdated computers. On this computer, you can run HD Video whose resolution is 1920 x 1080p. But, you’re trying to run latest tittle game likes GTA V, Assasins Creed etc. let’s understand how the Video Play on our PC. These videos are fixed they are not in a dynamic nature. When a user downloads video from the internet, Processor was called to run as it is. They are already created. You’re not adding anything on that. Suppose, you have downloaded the film from the internet, that film will be run as it is. The task of the processor is to play the video as it is. It is a simple task for the processor, it doesn’t need more processing capacity either more graphics requirements. While you’re playing the video games, what you have to do. The video game is in dynamic nature. You will control the character by giving the task to the processor. Graphics were generated side by side processing. Videogame have different variation like one character is moving another direction and another character moving in another direction, buses, cars are moving etc. The processor has a heavy task to process. Suppose, you replaying GTA, you are controlling the character by jumping, entering to the cars, hitting the people and firing the guns etc. At that time, realtime graphics are generated and processed. Normally runs on both either processor or graphics. Both of them are working together. The game has lots of components that were CPU’ are required. So, the huge amount of processing power required. Realtime processing has happened, its dynamic nature. If you don’t have Graphics card having only intel media accelerator, it means all of the processes are processed by CPU. So, the Low-End PC won’t process the High-End Games or latest tittle games. The processor is inbuilt in a such a way, that processor as it is. The environments of the game are changed according to your input. So, On low-end pc HD video can be played but not the game. You can’t play the latest title games like GTA V, Assassins’s Creed etc.

if you want to play the latest games you have the purchase the latest hardware. Old Hardware can run the high-end games or latest title games. Hope you got the answer to why Old Pc Can run HD Videos but not HD Games. You can fix the game lag, playing PUBG in Low-End PC.

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