Raju Lama did not dream of travelling around the country in a music boat when he was small. Today we gonna Read about Raju Lama Biography and the Awards he gained. Although Raju Lama sings “Arun Thapa” & “Aruna Lama” songs inside the classroom.


Raju Lama (Mongolian Heart) – Biography & Awards

At that time Raju Lama Friends used to say “wow, Raju you have a great voice.” Raju Lama used to felt shy. At that time teenagers guys used to dream go on the British Army. He also tried 2 times on the British Army but the commander didn’t believe in him. Raju Lama was not selected on the British Army. He never gives up because music also with him. Then he Started Singing.

He was born in Baruwa, Sindhpalchowk District, Nepal on 16th March 1978 A.D (3rd Chaitra 2034 B.S). He was from the Middle-Class Family. Raju Lama was coming to Kathmandu to stay. He used to stay with his sister. He was too much interested to play the guitar but unfortunately, he doesn’t have a guitar. He used to sing but he doesn’t know to play. How can he play if he doesn’t have a guitar? At that time a normal guitar cost to expensive around 5-6 thousand. His Friend has a guitar, he used to play that guitar.


When He was studying in Grade 8, he and his friends “Dev Gurung” & “Chandra Gurung” started a Musical Band called “Mongolian Heart”. “Mongolian Heart” a musical Band was started to play deusi bhailo at Tihar time. After Some time “Basanta” & “Rajkumar” joined a band called “Mongolian Heart”. They launched the Album called “Soltini” on 2051 B.S. Album consists of 8 songs, 5 songs were composed by “Raju Lama”. Raju Lama and Chandra Gurung completed the Album called “Soltini”. After Launching and Selling the Album on Nepali Market he bought a guitar and started playing. After completion of the S.L.C (S.E.E) Exam, the way of Music becomes wider than wider for him. At that time, Tuborg & Carlsberg organized the musical competition where “Mongolian Heart” used to participate. He didn’t recognize that his profession is a musician. He used to work on the Relative Guest House located on  Thamel, Kathmandu.

In 2053 B.S the director of Music Nepal has said to him that their company is sponsoring a Musical Band to record the Album. By the chance, they won the competition. So, Mongolian Heart launched the album called “Mongolian Heart Vol-1”. After Successful of Oya Nana – Oya Nana song, the upcoming songs got hit and famous. But he thought himself a Celebrity. The first time Fan’s surrounded him on 2053 B.S Concert in Chakrapath, Kathmandu.


Raju Lama’s parents never disappointed with his profession. They always support him even they know at that time a musician can not maintain the lifestyle.  He started his musical journey from the song “Badalu ma luki Basne”, Currently he released almost 200 songs. He sang Tamang selo and 9 Tibetian Song. Raju Lama with his band “Mongolian Heart” went to America for a musical concert. Unfortunately, 3 members of his band hide in America. Then he released the song “Halla Chalecha dajai, Charcha Chalecha”. Then Raju Lama started Living on America and Nepal. He doesn’t do anything else. Only he sang. Then he released “Parkhai ma Bhijyo sirani”. In March, Sushil Nepal (The Executive Producer & The Host of Voice of Nepal) called him and said, “let’s Meet”. After meetup Sushil Nepal asked Raju lama “could you please be the coach of Voice of Nepal?”. He Shocked. After then He declined Sushil Nepal Request for the 2 times. On 3rd time He Accepted the request of Sushil Nepal. Recently Raju Lama Launches a News song.


1996 A.D – Sajjan Smriti pop Song Competition Band
1996 A.D – Best Vocal of Nepal
1996 A.D – Best Composition
1999 A.D – Music Nepal Gold Medal
2002 A.D – Highest Selling Album of the Year (Hits FM Awards 2002)
2002 A.D – Best performance by group or duo with vocal (Aha Pop Music Award)
2003 A.D – Best performance by group or duo with vocal (Music Nepal Award )
2004 A.D – Highest selling album of the year (Kantipur FM Annual Award)
2007 A.D – Most Aired Song (Image Award)

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