In this blog, I’ll be talking about a person who contributed 35 years to Nepali Film Industry. The Popular actor in Nepal. Rajesh Hamal is also known as “Mahanayak”. Let’s get closer and talked about “Mahanayak” Rajesh Hamal. In this blog, you’ll be closer to the “Rajesh Hamal”. You’ll be known about Personal Life, education, Profession, Acting History of “Rajesh Hamal”.


Rajesh Hamal – Biography

From the Beginning of Nepal Movie Industry till today’s date. Many Actors and artists were changed. Most of them had contributed lots to Nepali Movie Industry. But, He had given lots of hits & Blockbuster movies. He was Born on 9th June 1964 A.D (27th Jestha 2027 B.S) on Bhairavsthan, Palpa District, Tansen Municipality, Nepal. “Chuda Bahadur Hamal” (Father) & “Renu KC Hamal”(Mother) are the parents of “Rajesh Hamal’s”. Up to Grade 10, he had studied in different countries (Pakistan, Nepal, Russia, India,). His father “Chuda Bahadur Hamal” was the Nepali Ambassador on Pakistan. So, his childhood ruin in different countries. “Rajesh Hamal” Father Chudamani Bahadur Hamal completed school from Banaras, India. His Father has Completed Masters of Political Science. “Rajesh Hamal” father has worked as a journalist on different National Newspaper. He had 2 Twins Sister and 1 Brother. Even Rajesh Hamal was born on Palpa. He has to migrate to Kathamndu, Nepal when he was 1 year old. Later than at 4 years old, he has to migrate to Pakistan. He Learnt the first letter from Pakistan School. Later then he studied grade one in Delhi, India. After then his father posted on Nepal then He studied grade two to grade four on st. Javier college, jawalakhel, Kathmandu. Later then he studies Grade five to grade eight he studied in Moscow, Russia. Later then he gets a chance to study in Nepal from grade eight to grade ten. He passed the S.L.C (S.E.E) exam from Bhanubhakta memorial secondary School. He studied College Level in India. He completed a Master in Arts Education Level. He was the Gold Medalist.  

When He was on India, He had done modelling on Different Indian Magazine. He wants to be an actor when he was in India. But the Nepali Film Industry was not too famous at that time. After knowing he wanted to be an actor his father was disappointed. When he signed his first movie. He won’t talk with his father. “Acting on Movies can survive” he wanted to show to his father. Untimely his father passed away on 6th Ashwin 2049 B.S.


He has acted his first movie “Yug Dekhi Yug Samma”. Most People have known about it but they don’t know he had acted on before this movie. But he acted only 10 days. Up to 2075 B.S he acted more than 300 Big Screen Movies. Rajesh Hamal acted on “Yug Dekhi Tug Samma”, “Adhikar”, “Kassam”, “Gopi Krishna”, “Bhauju”, “deuki”, “Deuta”, “Aparadh”, “Prithivi”, “Jwala”, “Pratigya”, “Simana”, “Agni parikshya”, “Bandan”, “Basanti”, “Aama ko Ashirbaad”, “Kasto Saino”, “Kranti”, “Hami 3 Bhai”, “Karan Arjun”, “Mukhauta”, and many more.  He plays roles Drama on Court Martial directed by Anup Baral at 2070 B.S.

From 300 Movies act, he earned Respect and National Award. Movie “Deuta” on 2049 B.S. earned Best Actor National Award. This award is the first national award of Rajesh Hamal.  On 2050 B.S, 2051 B.S, 2052 B.S he won the National Best Actor Award. On 2053 B.S, 2054 B.S, 2055 B.S he won the “Star of the Year” and “Entertainer of the Year” National Award. On 2055 B.S he won Best Actor national Awards from Movie “Jun-tara”. On 2057 B.S he won Best Actor of the Decade National Award. On October 10 most actors celebrate as “Rajesh Hamal Day”.


On 2072 B.S Rajesh Hamal contributed relief towards the earthquake victim and Flood victim. Rajesh Hamal hosted on “Quiz Mania” and “Ko Bancha Crorepati”. Rajesh Hamal Married with Madhu Bhatta at 50 years old.

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