The Country “Nepal” has given lots of Singer but the contribution given by “Narayan Gopal”. Nobody can replace him. In this blog, I had written about Narayan Gopal Biography how he spends his life, who is her wife, who was he relation with, his habit, how he contributed to music, how he learned music, how music become addicted to him?

In Nepal, The Famous Singer “Narayan Gopal” was born on 4th October 1939 A.D (28th Ashoj 1996 B.S) on Kilagal Tol, Kathmandu at Newar’s Family. “Narayan Gopal” is also known as “Emperor of Voice”.  “Asha Gopal Guruacharya” & “Ram Devi Guruacharya” were the parents of “Narayan Gopal”. “Narayan Gopal” Real name is “Narayan Gopal Guruachraya”. “Narayan Gopal” has 8 Brothers and sisters. “Narayan Gopal” was the 9th Family of “Asha Gopal Guruachraya” & “Ram Devi Guruacharya”. He has 6 brothers and 4 sisters. Shy Type of “Narayan Gopal” used to sings on Bhajan Mandali”. His Father “Asha Gopal Guruacharya” was happy when he used to support him to play on Tabla. At Day Time he is used to going to school and after returning back from the school. He used to go to bhajan Mandali.

Narayan Gopal – Biography & Love Story


In this way, he was addicted to Music. He used to love one-sided to the girl near to his house. But the girl doesn’t care about his love. His Parents used to say him, “Why you have to care when she doesn’t care about you.” After that “Narayan Gopal “also maintains distance towards that girl. After a long time, “Narayan Gopal” become famous and she realized. Maybe the main reason that girls don’t care is “Narayan Gopal” is addicted to smoking.

At that time, he is used to renting the Microphone at Nepalese 10 rupees. In that time when the microphone was connected to the radio, Radio works like a Speaker (Amplifier). “Narayan Gopal” Friends used to listen to his song and voice on Radio at that time. His friends used to force him to sing on Radio but he was a shy behavior person so he declined his friend’s request. “Narayan Gopal” was from a rich family. The house of “Narayan Gopal” was so strong which is not affected by the 1990s Earthquake. At the younger Age, “Narayan Gopal” was so strong. He used to support his Uncle on Election. “Narayan Gopal” and his one friend walked at 11 hours. Which takes normally 2 days to reach the destination. “Narayan Gopal”.

“Narayan Gopal” has committed unless he completes the S.L.C (S.E.E) he will not give a vocal audition. After the Completion of the S.L.C (S.E.E) Exam, he gave the vocal audition singing “Panchi ko Pankha Ma Dharti ko Yaad.” He was passed on Vocal Audition. At College Time his friends were added on his Friends List called “Ratna Shamsher Thapa” & more. The Group of Narayan Gopal’s friends has motivated to sing. At that time he sang hit songs like “Aakha ko bhaka aakahai le”, “Ma bhareko kiran hu”, “Sworka ki khani maya ki rani”, “Bho Bho nasohda malai”. His father was worried about that “Narayan Gopal” was not supporting “Sastriya Music”. So his father has planned to send him to India to Learn “Sastriya Music.” Later then he went to India to support his father’s plan. Before Going to India “Eh Kancha thattai ma” became the hit song in Nepal. Most of the girls used to think this song was written for them. Among the circle of Girls who use to think this song was written for them. There are girls from Darjeeling called “Pemala Lama”. “Narayan Gopal” was loved by the “Pemala Lama” girl of Darjeeling.  They used to send them a Letter. Most letters Sukanya Pemala used to Praise Narayan Gopal. He was not so much interested to study in India. “Narayan Gopal” used to think everything was the same. Nothing to read a new one. He is so much interested in Smoking Weed and singing. In-School or Classroom Premises smoking was not legal so he used to go to the toilet and smoke. Later then teachers were known about him. He used to go to the toilet and smoke. Later then “Narayan Gopal” has left the “Sastriya Music” because he can’t smoke weed on School Premises. Then he went to Darjeeling. He meets with “Sukanya Pemala” on 1965 B.S. At first meet with Sukanya Pemala, Narayan Gopal sang “Yo Mausam Hariyali.”


“Narayan Gopal” was like to joke, cooking foods. Narayan Gopal likes to eat Fenugreek pickle, Fatty Meat, Pudding, Goodpak, Jery. Narayan Gopal Likes to Play Football and Cheese. After Returning Back to Nepal he used to stay on his friend “Gopal Yonjan” house Biratnagar. At that time Narayan Gopal was given “Alo vera (Ghiu Kumari)” as  Nickname by Gopal Yonjan Mother. Then Narayan Gopal was Married to Pemala Lama. They supported by their friends from Pokhara like “Bhupi Sherchan.” Later then “Narayan Gopal” used to job in Dance house (Nach Ghar) and Sukanya Pema used to job Indian Life Insurance Company. To save their Salary they buy 3 ropani on Maharajgunj near to the hunted house or Ghost House.

On 2036 B.S, He was selected as a president of Dance House (Nachghar). At Nighttime Naryan Gopal use to drink alcohol with his Nachghar security Guard and used to ask “His Friend is a good singer or me?”. Narayan Gopal was so much interested in eating where Doctor has prohibited to eat sweets food but he used to go new road, Kathmandu, and eat half kg of Goodpak. Later then he used to become famous then he became aggressive. He was nickname “Sade” (Bull). Narayan Gopal used to drink excessive amounts of alcohol, so his wife Pemala Lama used to make alcohol at home. He used to smoke excessive amounts of cigarettes. At least he used to smoke 40 cigarettes per day. Later then his health condition becomes worst so he decided to avoid alcohol but he used to smoke 25 cigarettes per day. Narayan Gopal Loves to eat Food warm. Narayan Gopal doesn’t have any children because There first baby is growing on Left Side of Uterus of Sukanya Pemala which is not good for the health of the mother. By Abortion Process they abort their first baby. Narayan Gopal uses to say “Wife is important than the baby.” Narayan Gopal Love to Act. When he used to meet with a loved friend he used to blink his eyes. Narayan Gopal used to sing on the Royal Palace of Nepal. While singing at Royal Palace, Queen Aishwariya loved by Narayan Gopal. “Malai Nasodha Kaha Dukhcha Ghau” was sang dedicating to Queen Aishwarya.

On 19th Mangsir 2047 B.S, He had to take his last breath on Bir Hospital. The Main Reason behind his death is his mouth and taste. Even Doctor Prohibited to eat sweet foods he used to eat sweet foods. On Narayan Gopal Death Ceremony the prime minister of Nepal Krishna Bhattarai, Ganesh Man Singha and higher posted people have Presented. At least 10,000 Peoples were presented on his death ceremony. On his Life, he sang around 500 songs but he released only 2 Album on Market: Bluemuth by Ratna Sanstha Recording and Giti Yatra Part-1 by Music Nepal. In this way “Emperor of Vocal Narayan Gopal” is End.



2023 B.S – Best Composition (Radio Nepal)

2024 B.S – Best Singer (Radio Nepal)

2033 B.S – Gorkha Dakshin Bahu[Fourth]

2039 B.S – Ratna Record Award

2040 B.S – Indra Rajya Laxmi Award

2044 B.S – Chhinalata Award

2045 B.S – Jagadamba Award

2047 B.S – Urbashi Awad

2048 B.S – Trishakti Patta [Third]

Narayan Gopal Has Sang on Hit and Blockbuster Nepali Movie

  • Hijo Aja Bholi
  • Parivartan
  • Man ko Bandh
  • Sindur
  • Badlido Aakash
  • Lahure
  • Chot
  • Kosheli
  • Chino
  • Maya
  • Kanchi
  • Dakshina

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