iPhone SE 2020 Review

Apple had announced they’re launching the new iPhone SE 2020 During Lockdown Time. Finally, it’s launched in Nepali Market. So, iPhone SE 2020 is the cheapest iPhone comparing to the other model of the iPhone.


Content Inside Pack

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Apple Sticker
  • Warranty Card
  • iPhone SE 2020
  • 5W Adapter Charger
  • Earphone

Form Factor

iPhone SE 2020 looks like an iPhone 6,7,8. It is Lightweight which can be handle by a single hand. Approx. 148 gm. The Touch ID of the iPhone SE 2020 works perfectly. If you are searching for a small size phone or comfortable for the hand you could find only one phone i.e iPhone SE.  This phone has IP67 which helps to get resistance by water. The Dimension of this phone is 138.4 mm x 67.3 mm x 7.3 mm. Sim Card Supported by Nano Sim or e-Sim.



iPhone SE 2020 has A13 Bionic Chipset which is available only on iPhone 11 which increases the performance of Phone. The performance of this iPhone is fast. Due to the IOS Optimization and fast processor, the process of Application opening to Application switching is very fast. Apple will give Update to 5 Years. This Phone has Hexa-core (2×2.65 GHz Lightning + 4×1.8 GHz Thunder) and Apple GPU [4-core Graphics]. This iPhone is available on 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB Storage capacity. This Phone has 3 GB of RAM.



Games on iPhone SE runs a very fast and efficient way. Highest capacity games with High Resolution can run on iPhone SE. Due to the Small Size, the heating problem can be felt but it manages the heat on this iPhone.


iPhone SE 2020 has 4.7 inches Display with IPS LCD Display panel. The Color, Brightness, Contrast is so attractive. This iPhone has sufficient Sharpness.


The audio of this iPhone has a good sound system. You can find stereo Speakers on this iPhone which Output is very good. The Vibration mode of iPhone SE is good. Comparing to the latest Android phones this iPhone has good in Vibration Mode. 3.5 mm Jack is not available on this iPhone.


iPhone SE 2020 camera captured and output the picture in Natural. If you want to do post-production on your own style. This iPhone gives the flexibility to edit the photos. In Daylight photos, This iPhone gives good sharpness and dynamic range. The Shutter of iPhone SE 2020 has a fast shutter where you can capture photos at high speed. Tap to Focus is also unbelievably fast. This iPhone have 7 MP Front Camera which gives natural photos. The Night Mode is not available on iPhone SE 2020. In the video Aspects, this iPhone captures 4K quality at  60 FPS. This iPhone captures video on stability with natural colour, exposure, contrast, sharpness, etc. If you like to do vlog and uploading story on Social Media, This iPhone is a better option for you. iPhone SE can capture video on 1080p Quality with 30 FPS. iPhone SE 2020 has a Portrait mode which makes photos side blur and attractive. The rare camera of iPhone SE 2020 is about 12 MP with a wide 1.8 Aperture. iPhone SE 2020 has HDR, Normal, Panorama, Portrait mode on Camera setting.


iPhone SE 2020 have 1821 mAH capacity Battery. It has 5 Watt Charger Adapter which takes 2 hours to full charge the phone.


Apple will gives Update till 5 Years. This iPhone have IOS 13.6 which released on 15th July 2020.


The Price of the iPhone SEE is $399 in the US. Whereas iPhone SE 2020 cost is quite more expensive on Nepali Market. The latest news is iPhone is manufacturing in Chennai, India by FOXCONN Company. So, the iPhone will be cheaper than in the past time.  The price of this iPhone is NRS. 67,500 whereas The Cost of iPhone SE in India is INR. 42,500.

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