Google will no longer be available on Western Union 2020

Google Bring out the New Update from time to time. On 10th August 2020, Google Bring out the new update related to the payment gateway on Western Union. Google had Updated “Google Will no Longer available on Western Union Payment Gateway”.

google will no longer available on western union

Google will no longer be available on Western Union

Google Adsense brings out a new update. If you had applied for Google Adsense after then approved by Google Adsense. If you want to add your Banking Details and you have Western Union Banking Details, you are no more allow to add Western Union Baking Details on your Google Adsense. On Google Update, after the 10th August 2020 Google remove the Western Union Baking Detail option from their Banking Details. After the 10th August 2020, the user must change their banking details into other banking details like Wired Transfer and Prepaid Master Card and Paypal otherwise you have to enter your family member banking details if you don’t have any banking details. If you have provided Family member banking details, you must give family member details on your Google Adsense account. Like, you have given your father banking details you have to enter your father’s detail or Open your account on another bank and enter the new banking details.


There are most of the people who had received payment from Google AdSense earlier and their banking details on Western Union. They don’t have to get afraid, Western Union option will remain up to this year on their old google Adsense account. Starting in 2021, Google Adsense will not be sending the payment to Western Union. If you have Western Union Banking Details and submitted on Western Union details on Google Adsense if have 4 months. Till 1st day of January 2021. If you have to change your banking details to other banking Details.

google will no longer available on western union 2

Most of the Countries and Places, peoples uses Western Union to get received money from Google Adsense. They’ll get trouble with it. The user must search out the new solution.  

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