Born in the 90s, the Pokhreli Musical Band “Nepathya” not only in the country but also in different corners of the world performed Musical Concert. This Vocalist or Front Man of Nepathya Band is “Amrit Gurung”.


Amrit Gurung (Nepathya) – Biography

Amrit Gurung was born on 1st June 1968, Pokhara, Nepal. “Amrit Gurung” with his band “Nepathya” launched the first album on April 1st, 1993 A.D. “Amrit Gurung” is the inspiration of different age Singer or Artist.  Amrit Gurung himself said, “He Mistakenly became a singer. Actually, He wants to be a Painter. He was grown up listening Nepali Lok Dhori song. When he was in Village he used to listen on Dhori song from mothers, Grandfather, Aunt. After Going to City, he listened to Hindi and English from Radio Nepal. Jhalak Man Gandarba was known by Amrit Gurung. He Meets with him. He loves to Listen to “Amar Gurung” songs. When he was a kid, he used to do Painting. He was not interested in Singing. He used to participate in Acting. But used to sing with his friends in Group. Amrit Gurung was Taken into the studio for the first time by his friend Bir Pun on Danfe Kalamandir. His father was disappointed with music passion. He used to say to their relatives “Pari tala gau ma euta napadeko Gayak cha, mero chora Padeko gayak bhayo.”.  Amrit Gurung’s father was offensive with his profession signing and painting. His father wants him to join the Nepal Army.

He Loves to stay alone and on Nature. After S.L.C (S.E.E) Amrit Gurung went to Kathmandu on 2041 B.S. Amrit Gurung wants to study on Lalitkala Campus. On his Father force, he was admitted on Ratna Rajya Laxmi R.R Campus. Even he was a Ratna Rajya Laxmi R.R Campus he used to spend his time on Lalitkala Campus.  He didn’t go home, after his father knowing he went against his father.  He teaches Painting to the small kids.


On 2048 B.S “Amrit Gurung”, “Bhim Pun” & “Deepak” formed a Band Called “Nepathya”. They have decided to Play the fusion of Rock and Lok.  “Nepathya” Band was formed for only a certain year. Later than “Amrit Gurung” makes it “Nepathya”. At mid-time around 18-19 members were changed but “Amrit Gurung” was Stable on Band (Nepathya).  After Launching two Album, “Nepathya” & “Himal Chuchure”. Bhim Pun went to Hong Kong and Deepak Went to Russia to become a Pilot. Later than Dipak back to the Band. Then Continued the Band. Deepak has contributed lots to released third Album of Nepathya. After releasing the song “Jomsomai Bazar ma”, “Chari Maryo” etc the publicity of Nepathya increased day by day. They got a chance to perform in the International Platform after releasing the fourth Album called Sri Nagar. On 2057 B.S while Performing on Japan members of band hide. He went to Depression. Later then he decided to leave the music. He learned documentary & created a documentary.  He was not happy. After then he left Kathmandu and went to Pokhara. He was not happy there too. Then Deepak supported him not to leave Music. On the support of Deepak, He went to Kathmandu to add a member of the band and launched the Album Called Resham.


Amrit Gurung Collab with Nepalaya. He didn’t need to see back. Even the successful Singer, he is not an egoist person and said himself he is just a time pass singer. There are lots of singers better than me. The difference is just I sing for the only purpose.

List of popular song

  • Chekyo-Chekyo
  • Resham
  • Bheda ko Oon Jasto
  • Talko Pani
  • Gau-Gau Bata Utha (Cover)
  • Rato ra Chandra
  • Sirful
  • Aama…..etc…

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